The business vision

PetroGaz, a brand synonymous to LPG, is rapidly evolving in the Greek market, supplying thousands of businesses, crafts, industries and LPG gas stations since 1953.

As a member of Dragan Group and with a mindset of providing customer excellence, the company aims to enter every Greek home as a member of the family.

The business needs

Striving for operation efficiency and continuous improvement, they are committed to optimize operational intelligence. PetroGaz realized the need to monitor the distribution process – from loading to delivery – to guarantee service quality and compliance with strict safety standards and regulations. Consequently, they defined a set of business attributes prioritizing the delivery time, the accuracy of the invoiced product quantity and safety exemptions. 


Τhe partnership with Emphasis DigiWorld

The clientele size and the dynamic nature of the demand creates a composite logistics landscape.

On a daily basis, PetroGaz staff is under the pressure of ensuring urgent deliveries, dealing with hazardous conditions and limiting the distribution cost.

Emphasis DigiWorld presents the international market with innovative solutions for sensor-based operational intelligence applied to logistics. Since 2000, PetroGaz uses e-track to increase visibility on logistics processes.

The IIoT/Cloud technology system e-track, interconnected to the PetroGaz IT and OT infrastructure, generates a large volume of real-time sensor data: loadings, itineraries, deliveries, product quality, quantity and environmental conditions.

Processing and cross-relating these data is a complex, critical and time-consuming task, that requires specialized resources, and thus could be a hindrance in accomplishing customer excellence and safety enhancement objectives.

At that point, the business consulting team of Emphasis DigiWorld presented the most sustainable option to PetroGaz.

The combination of technology and domain expertise composes first-class services, leading their partners to Industry 4.0 and the opportunity of revolutionizing their business models. Outsourcing the service is a strategic move that provides PetroGaz with an HR and cost-efficient solution. The outcome is a team of experts embedded into PetroGaz operations, that since April 2021 produce regular and ad-hoc business analytics reports, derived from sensor data, with pinpointed exceptions and suggestions for further business improvement.

PetroGaz and Emphasis DigiWorld continue to expand their partnership leading into the digital future of business innovation and cutting-edge technology solutions.

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