Solutions: e-mining

Increasing Visibility and Efficiency of Mining Operations

The benefits

e-mining. improves efficiency, safety and product quality in mining transportation through automated and reliable analysis of loading and hauling.

The solution to fine tune your business processes on underground and surface mining operations through accurate and automated monitoring of field transactions and integrated business process management.

The Challenge

The right tool for miners

  • Accurate KPI’s for performance, cost, quality and safety 
  • Assessment of contractual costs versus real subcontractor’s cost
  • Product quality and quantity monitoring
  • Safety rule monitoring in real-time, operator profile and safety metrics
  • Process Redesign and Support

The Solution

e-mining achieves visibility of the mining field using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Data is automatically collected from sensors mounted on mining assets, including loaders and trucks.

The data feeds powerful predictive analytics, forecasting production bottlenecks and projecting preventive maintenance measures, filtered and aggregated on a business level to enable quick, targeted and intelligent actions to improve operations efficiency and enhancing safety.

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