Solutions: e-cement

A digital roadmap for cement logistics

The benefits

e-cement assists cement transportation operations and promotes sustainability. It boosts your daily performance, helps you implement your planed work and highlights schedule and safety exceptions.

e-cement supports your long term business strategy, bringing to you very accurate, sensor based KPIs on performance, cost efficiency, customer quality of service, safety and product quality. It can be parameterized and accommodate your business processes and goals. It is the ultimate tool to implement your digital strategy on cement transportation.

The Challenge

To turn Industry4.0 into reality

  • Accurate KPI’s for performance, cost, quality and safety
    Assessment of contractual transportation cost versus real subcontractor’s cost
  • Evaluate scheduled work with actual execution and act on exceptions
  • Safety rule monitor/control in real-time, operator profile and safety metrics
  • Support Process Re-engineering

The Solution

Transportation Management System integration LOGON

BI insights based on the evaluation of the actual execution versus scheduled transportation


Dynamic proactive & reactive system to preserve safely upon cement pressurized delivery

Driver score

Accurate evaluation of driver performance, including over speeding, harsh driving & fatigue rules

Mahnole secure

Observe safety rules during bulk cement loading and react promptly


Automated scheduling of cement deliveries with optimal and cost-effective use of available cement trucks

Crash data recording

Crash accident detection, crash data analysis and automated alert

Overloading protection

Automated protection from over loading when a weighbridge is not available (e.g. loading from vessel)

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