Digital transformation of industry: the role of Teaching Factory Competence Center

Monday, May 8, 2023 15h00-17h00

We are excited to invite you to the Teaching Factory Competence Center event Digital transformation of industry: the role of Teaching Factory Competence Center

Join us in this wonderful journey and discover -until now(!)- unimaginable opportunities to enhance your business value and profit maximization by embedding Industry 4.0 solutions into your operations.

The event will be held in a hybrid model allowing both online and on-site attendance.

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Emphasis DigiWorld at InnovEIT Athens 2022

On October 6th, the InnovEIT event in Athens brought together high-level stakeholders of the industry, the European Commission, the Greek Government and the EIT Governing Board in order to discuss how digital production and modern AI solutions may add to European industry becoming more efficient and sustainable!

Emphasis DigiWorld participated actively at the Fireside chat “Digital Production and AI towards environmentally friendly and socially sustainable manufacturing”. Our CEO, Dr. Giorgos Papapanagiotakis contributed with hands-on experience on the challenges and the impact of digitalization into the industrial production.

Furthermore, he revealed some details on our digital solution TFOOD. TFOOD aims to assist the dairy industry in achieving higher milk quality and food safety standards. It is a reliable digital service, based on IoT/cloud technology, increasing milk revenue, preventing germ exposure and enhancing milk quality .

Ventilation-on-Demand at Delphi Distomon

Ventilation on Demand

A sustainability paradigm for Mytilineos Group

Why air quality in industrial workplaces matters

It goes without saying that corporate should comply with H&S workplace regulations. For miners, air quality is of major concern, as it is linked to their operators’ health and productivity. To adhere to strict ventilation regulations and norms, they set up infrastructure with high operational cost, ensuring the air quality in the underground areas and preserving the employees’ wellbeing.

Ventilation-on-Demand & sustainability

The Ventilation-on-Demand (VoD) is an Industry 4.0 solution that controls ventilation, while monitoring the concentration of O2, CO2, CO, NO2, NO, H2S, SO2 and the air flow within the mine.

The air quality real-time data, provide a comprehensive occupational health awareness and allow for optimal ventilation control in order to ensure good air quality and increase energy efficiency. Upon exception, role-based assignees are notified to fix promptly air quality issues.

Impressively, reduction on ventilation energy can be achieved up to 30% with VoD. Mining is an energy consuming process; the ventilation energy is 50% or more of the electric energy budget!

Our Ventilation-on-Demand solution

The IIoT gauging equipment is installed within the mine to measure air quality and air flow in real-time. Air quality parameters are adaptable to meet any mine requirements and regulations. Bilateral connectivity to the VoD server is ensured by an innovative wireless LoRa technology, designed for underground mines.

The IIoT controlling unit connects the ventilator drives to control their operation and adjust air speed. Additionally, energy consumption data are sent to the VoD server for data driven intelligent decisions.

The VoD cloud platform provides a user-friendly environment to deploy the optimal ventilation control. Everything essential to decision-making support is included: versatile dashboard with real-time graphical depicture of ventilation parameters, detailed reporting and a role-based notification system. Incidents, like power or ventilator failure are instantly reported, differentiating from the time-consuming and hazardous manual processes of the past.

Using the VoD platform, mine managers are able to edit weekly ventilation schedules, considering working shifts and blasting planning. Out of working hours, reduced air speed and expanded ventilating time lead to significant savings, upholding the same result in terms of fresh air volume.

Up to 22% savings on ventilation energy for Delphi Distomon!

Delphi Distomon SA, is one of the largest producers of bauxite in Greece and in Europe. On 2019 they launched initiatives to improve ventilation in their underground mines and in preparation for tighter regulations in 2023. Emphasis DigiWorld deployed a pilot solution in 2019 and by 2021 VoD was fully deployed, demonstrating excellent results both in terms of optimizing underground air quality and reducing up to 22% of the ventilation energy cost!

‘’Maximizing our operators’ safety while minimizing energy costs and environmental footprint is a huge step towards our sustainability plan, achieved through a long-term and successful partnership with Emphasis DigiWorld”
Mr. Manthos Konstantinidis
CEO of Delphi Distomon

Emphasis DigiWorld provide solutions of operational intelligence for industry, mining and logistics, contributing to performance, cost, quality and safety goals. We develop cutting-edge IIoT and cloud technology and turn our customers’ challenges into value and business impact.

For more information about our IoT solutions, please visit our site Emphasis DigiWorld or follow our LinkedIn page Emphasis DigiWorld

We participated at the SEV Digital Transformation Lab on March 29, 2022

Our CEO, Dr. Giorgos Papapanagiotakis presents “Operational Intelligence Solutions” at the SEV Digital Transformation Lab.

Emphasis DigiWorld provides solutions of operational intelligence for industry, mining and logistics, contributing to performance, cost, quality and safety goals. We develop cutting-edge IIoT and cloud technology and turn our customers’ challenges into value and business impact

Smart Logistics Challenge III, Dubai EXPO 2020

We are excited to announce our fruitful participation as finalist in the UPS’s #SmartLogisticsChallenge, organized in partnership with DP World and Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Emphasis DigiWorld’ s efforts recognized on a global scale at the Smart Logistics Challenge EXPO 2020 event!
Great addition to our results on innovation for industry and logistics.

Introducing TFOOD: our latest solution for milk tank monitoring

Dairy firms aim for products of the highest quality and profit maximization

In order to procure raw materials, they partner with dairy farmers, who store the milk in tanks up to the final destination which is the processing plant.

Until then, the milk that accumulates in the tanks is kept under proper environmental conditions and is stirred periodically to maintain the optimal quality of the product.

How is milk quality assessed?

Good quality milk is ought to be harmless to public health, being kept at a low temperature, especially after pasteurization and having lower processing costs. It should also be suitable for the production of high-quality dairy, accruing higher business revenue as a result.

What is TFOOD solution?

TFOOD monitors the milk tank’s cooling state, agitator, and power connection. It is a reliable digital service increasing milk revenue, preventing germ exposure, and enhancing milk quality and safety for further process.

TFOOD sensor data is apt to adjust storage conditions exactly to the specifications of your dairy and in accordance with Certified food-safe to EU 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 standards.

Notifications on a smartphone and a warning light on the tank inform producers on time regarding cooling milk tank malfunctions and critical storage conditions.

A Dashboard summarizes the milk tank data, while sophisticated Data Analytics and Reports are available to the dairy industry personnel responsible for the milk quality and for  the maintenance of the milk tank equipment.

MEVGAL, a brand synonymous with Authentic Greek high-quality dairy products, uses TFOOD to supervise the milk quality on farmer sites and automate maintenance processes.

Our purpose:

Assisting the dairy industry firms in achieving higher milk quality and safety standards, always in accordance with our ethos and regulations regarding public health safety.

Emphasis DigiWorld at Expo 2020 Dubai

On February 22nd, Emphasis DigiWorld participated in the business mission to UAE Expo 2020 Dubai, organized by Elevate Greece and led by Dr. Christos Dimas, Greek Deputy Minister for Development and Investments. Very interesting results and a roadmap to grow our business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the GCC area.

PetroGaz: An innovation-driven Partnership

The business vision

PetroGaz, a brand synonymous to LPG, is rapidly evolving in the Greek market, supplying thousands of businesses, crafts, industries and LPG gas stations since 1953.

As a member of Dragan Group and with a mindset of providing customer excellence, the company aims to enter every Greek home as a member of the family.

The business needs

Striving for operation efficiency and continuous improvement, they are committed to optimize operational intelligence. PetroGaz realized the need to monitor the distribution process – from loading to delivery – to guarantee service quality and compliance with strict safety standards and regulations. Consequently, they defined a set of business attributes prioritizing the delivery time, the accuracy of the invoiced product quantity and safety exemptions. 


Τhe partnership with Emphasis DigiWorld

The clientele size and the dynamic nature of the demand creates a composite logistics landscape.

On a daily basis, PetroGaz staff is under the pressure of ensuring urgent deliveries, dealing with hazardous conditions and limiting the distribution cost.

Emphasis DigiWorld presents the international market with innovative solutions for sensor-based operational intelligence applied to logistics. Since 2000, PetroGaz uses e-track to increase visibility on logistics processes.

The IIoT/Cloud technology system e-track, interconnected to the PetroGaz IT and OT infrastructure, generates a large volume of real-time sensor data: loadings, itineraries, deliveries, product quality, quantity and environmental conditions.

Processing and cross-relating these data is a complex, critical and time-consuming task, that requires specialized resources, and thus could be a hindrance in accomplishing customer excellence and safety enhancement objectives.

At that point, the business consulting team of Emphasis DigiWorld presented the most sustainable option to PetroGaz.

The combination of technology and domain expertise composes first-class services, leading their partners to Industry 4.0 and the opportunity of revolutionizing their business models. Outsourcing the service is a strategic move that provides PetroGaz with an HR and cost-efficient solution. The outcome is a team of experts embedded into PetroGaz operations, that since April 2021 produce regular and ad-hoc business analytics reports, derived from sensor data, with pinpointed exceptions and suggestions for further business improvement.

PetroGaz and Emphasis DigiWorld continue to expand their partnership leading into the digital future of business innovation and cutting-edge technology solutions.