For us, technology means the aspiration to move forward, always working together to improve and do better. It means creative and revolutionary thinking, evolutionary and innovatory problem solving, all in order to bring the technology available to our clients in the form of integrated products and services. 

We are participating in major research projects to develop innovative solutions in collaboration with public stakeholders, the industry, the academic community and our customers.

Sense&Mine4.0 Ventilation on Demand (VoD) in Mining Industry.

Sense&Mine4.0 develops technology for the smart integration of contextual information in mining industry. The context of mining activities will be built by extracting data from a network of sensors, developed for that purpose. Sense&Mine4.0 integrates sensors data with situational information retrieved from legacy systems as well as information regarding scheduled mining activities.
Sense&Mine4.0 creates a highly adaptable ventilation system capable of substantial energy savings while maintaining air quality standards.

  • Smart automated measuring of gases concentration in the mining areas
  • Dynamic control of ventilation system
  • Improving mining throughput by preventing disruptions and deviations from the schedule
  • Reduce costs related to energy consumption of the ventilation system
  • Improve the safety of operators by preventing dangerous situations and providing early warnin

i-EAT Intelligent Control for Food Safety.

The project is an innovative tool that focuses on dairy products. The system will systematically be addressing the high volatility in the Supply Chain conditions. Our scope is to extend the recommended consumption duration of fresh products by improving the cold supply chain’s conditions and furthermore, reducing the rate of returns at the reverse supply chain. This can maximize added value in economic, environmental and social terms, while at the same time enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry at European and international level.

With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union


Sense&React envisages the use of customised, role-specific user interfaces provided through mobile devices in order to support shop-floor personnel mainly during naval production and maintenance tasks. Sense&React also envisages the use of sensors for enchasing visibility of shop floor operations.

During the project we designed and implemented a platform for collecting and processing sensor data concerning awareness on the production shop floor. This platform, following a scalable and expandable architecture, has the ability to integrate data from various sources, such as:

  • Shop floor PLCs through an OPC interface
  • Shop floor legacy systems through custom SW interfaces
  • Wireless or wired sensor networks deployed on the shop floor for this purpose

As a result of the collected data the platform can deliver information on business level regarding the production process status.

The Sense&React information distribution system for manufacturing


INTERACT: Interactive Manual Assembly Operations for the Human-Centered Workplaces of the Future. The project focuses on utilize workers’ knowledge on executing manual assembly tasks and include it in the digital tools used to support design, verification, validation, modification and continuous improvement of human-centred, flexible assembly workplaces. Within the project we designed and implemented a wireless sensor network platform for tracking manual assembly operations based on the worker’s body motions. This platform, following a scalable and expandable architecture, consists of several wireless sensor nodes and a central base station which collects and processes data coming from the nodes. For the INTERACT project the implementation included the following sensors:
  • A dataglove for tracking hand postures and applied forces
  • An IMU for tracking motion of body, assembly parts and tools
  • A foot sensor for tracking worker walking
As a result of the collected data the platform can deliver information on business level regarding the progress of manual assembly operations.

INTERACT Data Glove Demonstrator