Introducing TFOOD: our latest solution for milk tank monitoring

Dairy firms aim for products of the highest quality and profit maximization

In order to procure raw materials, they partner with dairy farmers, who store the milk in tanks up to the final destination which is the processing plant.

Until then, the milk that accumulates in the tanks is kept under proper environmental conditions and is stirred periodically to maintain the optimal quality of the product.

How is milk quality assessed?

Good quality milk is ought to be harmless to public health, being kept at a low temperature, especially after pasteurization and having lower processing costs. It should also be suitable for the production of high-quality dairy, accruing higher business revenue as a result.

What is TFOOD solution?

TFOOD monitors the milk tank’s cooling state, agitator, and power connection. It is a reliable digital service increasing milk revenue, preventing germ exposure, and enhancing milk quality and safety for further process.

TFOOD sensor data is apt to adjust storage conditions exactly to the specifications of your dairy and in accordance with Certified food-safe to EU 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 standards.

Notifications on a smartphone and a warning light on the tank inform producers on time regarding cooling milk tank malfunctions and critical storage conditions.

A Dashboard summarizes the milk tank data, while sophisticated Data Analytics and Reports are available to the dairy industry personnel responsible for the milk quality and for  the maintenance of the milk tank equipment.

MEVGAL, a brand synonymous with Authentic Greek high-quality dairy products, uses TFOOD to supervise the milk quality on farmer sites and automate maintenance processes.

Our purpose:

Assisting the dairy industry firms in achieving higher milk quality and safety standards, always in accordance with our ethos and regulations regarding public health safety.